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Free Money Making Idea online best for beginners to follow

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Which idea is safe for money making? is there any idea safe and easy money ? I think no. Money making is not an easy one. Money making online is a difficult tasks. All the easy money making ideas and courses are almost fraud and scam and no money. There is no free money and easy money. Before getting any easy money you have to spent lot of money only to learn how to get money in easy way . Here are some easy money making ideas but I am not sure .You can try if you have patience to look.
It is true that a poor web design or blog can attract visitor to your website no matter if it appears on Google Top 10 and then money making is easiest one . A website which was pretty simple in web design and not attractive even though I have done enough SEO to bring it in Google top 10 for main keywords. It was not attracting much traffic and no money for me. I used to get just less than 50 unique visitors per day.S0 I failed to Money making or no easy money.
Within a months of its launch I decided to completely redo the web design and got a very attractive Web 2.0 design for money making website and within 1 month of launch with new web 2.0 design this website not only attracted more than 1000+ unique visitors but also generated a lot of business and making easy money for me and still continues to do so and money for me.
Designing web has been always ignored by people in favour of other methods such as Linkbuilding, Advertisement and Social media optimization. But as I explained above that attractive website design can increase the traffic and keep your visitors hooked up to it and money making in your own way.
You should plan before you start writing new blog and blog promotion.But keep money making ideas in your mind.
Layout of blog
You have to decide where you insert advertisements specially free money making ideas.
Choose the right one to add text advertisemsnt banner ads or videos and if combination of them then where and how to arrange them in a friendly manner.
Topic of blog - Topic of a blog doesn’t matter much if you are a natural writer and you have the ability to write on any topic at any time without research or prior experience no matter.Keep blogging. Money will come.
Topics you need
Those topics of a blog which are in public demand will be helpfull. On serious side selecting a topic is really important for money making. You need to choose those topics which are relevant to popular demand and to create easy money from your blog.
Also if you are a fan of affiliate systems then you have to consider the topics which are relevant to the product/services from which you can make most of the easy money and then money making will not be difficult task for you.
Blog promotion
Blog promotion is the main key to get free money and easy money. With free blogging platforms you might get some of blog promotion automatically but not completely. For self hosted blog you need to do everything on your own or get professional Blog promoters doing it for you as it is specialized task and requires massive manpower and effort.
Don’t rely with those “Performance based SEO services….” type of SEO companies for such services. Chances are your blog will disappear overnight if on Google/ or get banned by Google if self hosted. Blogs are populated on the Internet in no time and by the time you realize what has happened everything will be wiped out.
You have to take extra precaution with blog promotion to make money.
Search engine optimization
In order to get maximum traffic from oganic searches you must aim to make your blog appear in top 10 . That is the key of your success and ofcourse easy money making .Blog optimization is same as web site optimizationton action ,no difference.Money making ideas work same as website do.Lot of money making tips in the internet.No need to hire expert For SEO for your blog .You have to know the tricks.After getting money making tricks and SEO keep writing Blog. Money will come.
Write blog after blog.It is very important to check your back linkpopularity time to time for search engine optimization and keep money to come

Following are the some of advertisements which you would like to run on your blogs
Google Adsense - I’m in minority when I say Google Adsense are waste of time. You can try by yourself and if by chance you discover any new money making formula to earn $1000/day then don’t forget to mail me.
Affiliate Programs - Its my favorite money making idea. There are plenty of reason why you should go for Affiliates rather than Google Adsense to choose.Money making is more easy
You can directly (almost) interact with advertisement and decide what you shall display on your blogs unlike Google.
You know how much would be CPA (or any other revenue system) for each and every .advertisement for money making.
You will have a number of advertisers and advertisement programs to choose from
Getting banners code is easier than setting up Google Adsense advertisement code and money making is easier.All will be in your hand.
Recently many are using these adverisement for making money successfully are Chitika’s eMiniMalls , Text Link Ads. Azoogle Ads, Intelli Txt, DoubleClick, Tribal Fusion, Adbrite, Clicksor, AdHearUs, Kanoodle, Pheedo, TextAds, Fastclick and Value Click .
Start Your Own money making Web Site
Build your own web site and you can make money online in easy way.Find out how to build a successful web site or and make easy money from them.
Learn From Internet Marketing Experts
Money making experts are waiting for you to help money making online. As they are money making experts, They have lots have proven tips of money making ideas and strategies which you can follows earn easy money from blog.I highly recommend subscribing to Darren Rowse’s Problogger blog — Darren is great at uncovering new income-generating opportunities for bloggers and new tips for money making every time.
Easy Money Making Ideas
Discover the easy money making ideas using search don't know which money making ideas will work for you . You may try making money with these easy money making models again and again . Money making will be possible today or tomorrow.Money will come in your doorstep.No easy money but making money is possible in online.Try money making ideas from different ways and keep blogging.

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